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ScanController and CineToVidPro are Windows Programs which need Windows XP SP3 or better.
There are currently (and in the near future) no plans to transport this programs to Unix or to Macintosh.

But that does not mean, that you cannot run this applications in this environment.
The products run also in a virtual machine environment.
We recommend to use Oracle VirtualBox (preferrably most recent version).
VirtualBox can be installed under MAC OS X (10.5, 10.6, 10.7 - Intel Hardware required) and a lot of UNIX distributions.

What do you need to do the installation:

First of all VirtualBox:

then various Microsoft products (most of them available for free from the Microsoft download center):

These are:
a Windows Operationsystem (Windows XP SP3 will do): ISO-9660-CD
(you need a license key)
.NET 2.0 SP2 for XP:
.NET 4.0 (and probably update 4.03): and/or

(in the Quickinfo box you can select your language)

If you exploit an EpsonScanner you can download the EpsonScan Twain Driver from: (you have to select your product)

if you exploit the Arduino Hardware you need the most recent Arduino Software e.g. from
and for the FTDI Drivers I recommend to use the CDM20824-Setup.exe from

Short description how to proceed:

Install Virtualbox in your host environment.
Install under VirtualBox your Windows Operating System (Windows XP SP3 or better)
Install .Net 2.0 and .Net 4.0
Install EpsonScan
Enable the USB-Port for the Epson Scanner under Devices in your VirualBox Menu bar.
Install the ScanController and the FTDI Driver (for the ScanController you need for the USB connection the COM3 Port provided by the FTDI Driver.)
Load the Arduino Script that comes with the ScanController onto your Arduino Hardware using
the Arduino Development Environment.
(The script stays on the Arduino board until you replace it, you therefore can uninstall the Arduino Development Environment !.)
Install CineToVidPro.
Follow the help files to do the ScanController and CineToVidPro setup.

Good Luck

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Epson Perfection V750 Photo, Windows 7 (64 Bit) 16 GB. ScanController V0.7 mit Arduino Duemilanove, CineToVidPro 1.4

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Running CineToVidPro with Mono

I'm interested in using CineToVid on Linux.
Unfortunately I don't have a Windows License available.
Therefore running it in VirtualBox seems not to be a viable option.

I tried running it with Mono (,
which seems to work partially.
But so far I haven't succeeded in actually generating frames with it.
There are some obvious issues like different path conventions on Linux and Windows,
which seem to be fairly easy to fix when you have access to the source code.

Which makes me wonder whether it would be possible to publish the source code.
As it doesn't seem like the software is intended to make profit, it seems like a possibility to publish it with a Licence like e.g. the GPL.
This would allow other people to help with the development.

Although I don't have much experience with porting software, I'd be interested in trying to make CineToVidPro run in a Linux environment.

edit: Running the Mono Migration Analyzer gives an encouraging result too.

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Quote:Markus Apr 6th 2014 22:58 pm

Although I don't have much experience with porting software, I'd be interested in trying to make CineToVidPro run in a Linux environment.

Hello Markus,

can you please contact me via the HELP/INFO E-Mail address

But as it would be much much less effort, definitely much faster and really not expensive, it would be definitely better to buy an old Windows XP licenense (E-Bay or Hood) and use it under VirtualBox.
As you do not need an internet connection it seems for me, that there is no risk at all.

Bei Hood 10 Euro. Siehe

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